Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity

Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity CoverConnecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity A Survival Guide & Memoir by Rob Severson An “average guy” and academic underachiever shares how he overcame obstacles to personal and professional success by adopting basic, proven principles.

When Rob Severson was in school, he was an admitted underachiever, a slacker if you will. He did the bare minimum required of him to pass and eventually graduate.

But once he entered the business world, he became successful. How did he do it and what can you learn from his life experience? Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity is a peek into an average man’s life. It shows the struggles, successes and experiences he had and what he learned from them.

“The book is full of wisdom I have collected over the past 63 years, not mine mind you, but wisdom that I have picked up by experience and others,” said Severson. “I was a very poor student and barely graduated from college. After struggling to get my first job I soon lost it and had to figure out how to support my wife and daughter. I succeeded, but made more problems for myself on the way so had to learn how to overcome these as well. My story is one of being an overcomer and how my experiences led me to learn how to live a life that is happy, joyous and free.”

The messages Severson is hoping readers will take away from the book that he has dedicated to his family: the importance of building successful relationships, working at a job they really enjoy and how big of a role having a positive attitude will have in everything they do.

“I welcome everyone to read my story, you may see yourself in it,” said Severson.

Here is what some readers have said about the book:

“Hi Rob. I so enjoyed your book. I believe instead of a survival guide it is more like a Life Success Guide. What a great gift for your children. You are a remarkable man and you should pursue the marketing of this book. At least that is my opinion. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me.”

“Rob, I read your book on my trip over the pond last night. It was rough at the start however the last half resilient. The message is clear. I am sending it to my daughter in college. I really liked education is overrated reading is underrated. The other good tip was networking and transferable skills. I want my younger one to expand herself through reading. I like succinct and this was. Thanks a lot. I’ll be looking for my Africa.”

“Rob, I just wanted to let you know I just finished you book. I have read it about 3 times and every time I have read it I get something else out of it. After spending many years drinking I chose the path of recovery and have found my higher power. I know there is something bigger for me out there and am trying to take my time until the opportunity comes to me. We have a mutual friend and that is how I was able to get your book. I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your book take care and god bless.”

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