Synopsis: “Achievers: Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things” is a collection of stories from ordinary people demonstrating that all people are created equal and have different skills, talents and interests, that when used to the best of their ability, make the world a better place. These are but a few of the millions of achievers who have used their gifts to serve others and make a living. Thank you to all who shared their stories so others may see how they too can make it in the world.

Critique: One of the chief values of this outstanding collection of true stories is that it reveals to the reader how they too can ‘make it in the world’ regardless of their past and current circumstances. As inspired and inspiring as it is informed and informative, “Achievers: Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things” is deserving of the widest readership possible and highly recommended for community library collections. It should be noted that “Achievers: Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things” is also available in a Kindle edition ($8.00).


amed ‘Reviewers Choice’ by Midwest Review, this book can Change Your Life, December 8, 2014
By Micki Peluso (New York, USA)

Ordinary People who do Extraordinary Things

By Rob Severson

Author Rob Severson presents an exceptional collaboration of stories highlighting ordinary people who decide at some point in their lives to accomplish things which fulfill them and make the world a better place. Some seem to have an innate sense of self-worth and definite life goals. Others are changed by life experiences which turn their lives around. Each person in this collection is different, yet unique. Each of their personal accounts is a roadmap for others struggling to find themselves, gain confidence, and garner success by diverse avenues.

Each of us has a life story. The short profiles of the 25 people in this book are meant to be shared with others in order to help them find their own paths to fulfillment. Kim Seng was forced to leave his Cambodia birthplace and a profitable life, due to the Vietnam War. He and his wife, Naychy, were brought to Minnesota where they have to learn a new language and start all over. Their Christian faith and the church help them to become assimilated and by working two jobs they manage to save enough money to open a successful Subway store and then a donut shop. This is a fine example of an emigrant, in spite of being uprooted from all things familiar, learns to `live the American dream.’ Author Severson, while interviewing him, is impressed with all that he’s accomplished, determined to restore quality living for his family.

Steve Chepokas was one of so many people who, mainly by making the wrong personal choices, never seems to get ahead in life. After his parents divorced he became an uncontrollable `wild kid. `Drugs, alcohol, the wrong bunch of friends — he was into it all, spiraling downhill. Some of his good friends tried to straighten him out, never giving up on him. This led to a move to Iowa with his sister where he attended college. He relapsed into his old ways and indigent drug rehab. After meeting and marrying Becky, his life was full of ups and downs. Even in his jobs he was a con man but after reaching rock-bottom he bounced back and finally was making a good living.

Then health issues hit him hard, yet he lived through it. When his nine-year-old son, Mitch, died of stage IV cancer that was the final blow. Steve had a near fatal heart attack and depression so deep that he planned on killing himself. Then he remembered his `pinky swear’ to his dying son, that he would help others with ailments like his. But will he be able in midlife to change his ways?

Author Rob Severson has known and interviewed each one of the people in this book in the hope that others, struggling for the good life will be inspired and determined to follow their own dreams. The overall purpose of these stories is structured upon inner peace, education, relationships, financial capital, and purpose – all secrets to success. This uplifting book will inspire others not to give up hope and pursue their own dreams, and should be required reading in High Schools and Colleges.

Micki Peluso, author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang





5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Guideline for Surviving & Finding Happiness, December 4, 2014
By Micki Peluso (New York, USA)
This review is from: Connecting Peace, Purpose, & Prosperity: A Survival Guide & Memoir (Paperback)
Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity

By Rob Severson

Rob Severson writes a survival guide and memoir for his own family; one which the population at large can benefit from as well. Based, in part, on his own experiences, the author shows how others can benefit from them. According to him, it’s all about “fundamentals,” or “world-view.” Severson sites Tiger Wood’s ability to focus on the ” fundamentals” of the game of golf as an example of how others can ” follow through” (as in the golf swing) to ensure peace, purpose and prosperity in their own lives. And through this process, using coping skills to find inner peace, giving God control and accepting/extending forgiveness, our lives can reach the fulfillment that most desire.

Using his own life successes and failures to make his point, Severson states that in order to form relationships mutually beneficial to all parties, it’s essential to put ” God first, others second, and finally yourself . . . Which will instill purpose in people in all areas of their lives. This leads to finding ways to survive in life–” take no more than you need,” without depending upon government handouts — yet make enough to support your family and give to others.

This book is an interesting read as the author relates the story to his own children and readers will find a connection with the family, spiced with gentle humor and laugh out loud deprecation of his own trials in life. By sharing his own lifetime experiences he helps others to learn from both his mistakes and achievements.

As in all areas of marketing, selling yourself is essential to selling anything else. Severson discovers this through his life journey and gives pointers on accomplishing individual goals; which goes hand-in-hand with “purpose.” His conclusion sums up what all people strive for most — happiness. This short handbook for success by Rob Severson, is a book to be kept, read, and re-read as a simple concise recipe for both financial success and personal fulfillment.

Micki Peluso, author of And the Whippoorwill Sang

Just got one from my prime target market. high school and college kids!

Hey Rob, first off I will say that I enjoyed talking to the job fair that you attended at my high school, South in Minneapolis. I was the tall guy thinking about majoring in Finance in college. I learned a lot from talking to you and even more from the book you wrote. After you sent me the book I actually wanted to print it out so I did and carried a highlighter with me to highlight parts that I can go back to easily to remind myself of it. Your book helped me a lot. I’ve only got about 3 weeks left of high school and I am left with a lot of decisions that have to be made and will be made eventually and reading your book in my spare time from work and school I found that sorting out my thoughts became easier and your book helped me to organize them. Thanks again Rob for your advice, giving me access to your book, and simply sharing your story with me!


Thanks again!

Zac Cruzen




Rob Severson’s sage wisdom expressed in this compact book will help others to see how giving up manipulative control, forgiveness, and being others-centered leads to a life full of peace and purpose. (Paraphrase of the first paragraph.)

Severson says in the preface that he wrote this for his children not to tell them how to live their lives, but to pass along the fundamentals of survival. I believe he managed that purpose. Even though this isn’t an epic by any stretch of imagination, it is packed with wisdom and examples of how choices we make affect our lives. I wish I’d had this book when I was twenty. I don’t know that it would have made a drastic change in my choices and decisions, but learning from other’s mistakes as well as successes is so much easier than the hard-knock experience.

This is not an in-your-face Christian book. He doesn’t preach at you or beg to to “find Jesus”. However, Severson does draw you closer to Biblical principles and this helps you to see how those principles can alter a life when applied to the decision making process.

There are two pages in this book than need to be expanded into a text book for employees and employers. Developing Transferable Skills, in my opinion, has the absolute best advice and is worth the whole cost of this Surviors Guide and Memoir. Managing and improving our skill sets yields an excellent payoff in our ever changing job market. If employers could just recognize that round pegs really do fit into square holes if the square is just a bit broader than the peg. I believe a lot more people would be at work today if employers would broaden the hole that needs to be filled with some creative thinking and application.

This is a keeper and needs to find a place on your bookshelf. To order go to Severson’s book page.

Gina Burgess

Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity

by Rob Severson


practical and faith-based approach to finding success in life by addressing the
issues of control, faith, and keeping the doors open to opportunity. Written
with candor and humor directly addressing the author’s daughters and
granddaughters, this is also for anyone making their career start, or for those
who are embarking on life-changing turns towards a better future.


Enjoyed it very much. I love the format – Basically,
a letter written to Rob’s children and grandchildren with nuggets of wisdom to
guide them by. Every parent of grandparent should do this. It will be a
treasure for years to come.

The 3 key touch points are right on! For those of us
who like to control our lives, the first key is a powerful reminder of “Who” is
really in charge and the fact that we have to let go and let God! Things flow
so much better when we relinquish control to God, plus it takes the responsibility
from us and places it where it should be. Very freeing, actually to
“get” this concept. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t take
responsibility for our actions! Simply put, if we control our actions, the
results are our responsibility but if God controls our actions, then He is
responsible for the results!

Accept and offer forgiveness is key to releasing
God’s bountiful blessings our way. Unforgiveness is a cancer in the spirit man.
It blocks peace, blessings, and purpose! Holding unforgiveness is “like
taking poison and hoping your enemy will die” (Joyce Meyer). So true – we
must let it go, it is only costing us our peace and purpose and usually has no
effect on the one in which you are holding it against. Silly when you really
think about it.

Being others-centered – get focus off of self. We
must reach out and love as Jesus did. If Jesus can love us, we most certainly
can love others. Love is an action word. Put feet on it and help those who are

I love that Rob put personal experiences in this
“letter”. It allows the reader to see that he’s lived through it and
have become wiser for it. He is not just spouting off empty words of wisdom but
tried and true solutions. It also lets us know that even though in the past we
may not have applied our God-given talents and gifts, that doesn’t mean He took
them away. It is never too late to apply those gifts and to achieve your
purpose. We may have “fiddle-farted” part of our life away but we can
pick up the pieces and start where we are. God is just waiting on you to make
the first step! Isn’t that an awesome thing? God never left us, He was always
there. We just need to turn back to Him and move forward with God as our guide.

Great practical advice with personal experiences
sprinkled throughout! Loved it! Rob’s children and grandchildren will hold on
to this for the rest of their lives. And the readers across the country will
appreciate his candor and wisdom as it makes for great advice and a good read!

check out Rob’s website:

and blog:


Ard Webb





This review is from: Connecting Peace,
Purpose, & Prosperity: A Survival Guide & Memoir (Paperback)

Severson’s book is short, sweat and to the point. He writes about
his lessons in life and adresses it to his children, grandchildren and family,
so that they may learn from his successes and failures and not lose sight of
what is most important in life–serving God and serving others. At times, Severson’s
points seam oversimplified, but, perhaps this is his purpose. Sometimes, as
humans, we overcomplicate things with attempts to add material worth and
success to our lives, when we already possess what will bring us true joy.
Severson tells us that true happiness stems from our ability to let go and let
God, accept and offer forgiveness and become others-centered.

I enjoyed his honest and revealing writing style




This review is from: Connecting Peace,
Purpose, & Prosperity: A Survival Guide & Memoir (Paperback)

Life is more then just making money. It’s about living a life of
purpose through faith. Rob Severson has seen both sides of this situation. As a
very successful banker he experienced working in the fast lane. Life soon
throws him a curve ball. He is still successful but his purpose in life is
rather different. In “Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity” we
travel with Rob as he reflects on his career and the growth of his faith which
leads to his purpose.

Unlike other memoirs, “Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity”
delivers a life lived by the author in a way that imparts knowledge and wisdom
to his main audience – his children. While he shares memories of his working
life, he places the importance of life on peace, faith and purpose.

From the first word, Rob Severson’s faith and love for his family is evident.
With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to relate to his desire
to express his love and the importance of faith with his family. He shares this
by passing on his knowledge. A gift that is sure to benefit all who read this

Rob’s forthright and sincere writing style is comforting as he shares lessons
learned with us. His engaging personality gives “Connecting Peace, Purpose
& Prosperity” a warm, at home feel that is easy to connect with.

I recommend “Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity” to those
seeking wisdom from the experiences of others. There is much to be learned from
people if we would only take time to listen.

Passing on the wisdom and experiences of life to our family is…priceless.




This review is from: Connecting Peace,
Purpose, & Prosperity: A Survival Guide & Memoir (Paperback)

I have known Rob briefly, but since the first time I met him he
has always had some words of wisdom along with his smile for life. I am
anticipating the read to offer some great advice for me, and others, as we
transition through life

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