November 2nd, 2007 How passion replaces being “lonely at the top”. A common problem for many owners and managers is that they believe they have no one to talk with about their business. Small business owners often have this problem more that others in that they have few people that are as educated, trained and […]

My friend Don Harley’s story

I wrote this a year or so ago about a friend of mine who has inspired me to keep on keeping on.  I just learned today that he passed away. He will be missed by many. including me RETIREMENT It was about 10 years ago that I met Don Harley through another client. Don produced […]

Bankers, do you really have a takeout lender?

One of the unintended consequences of overly aggressive bank lending is that many non-bank lenders were taken out of the market because of risk adjusted pricing.  Businesses also got spoiled with easy credit and now need to present sharper proposals to anyone to get financing and often need to be more creative in doing so. […]

Are loan standards about to change?

Are loans “graded” on a curve?  Most lenders would say that they have rigorous standards for evaluting commercial credit requests.  In most cases that is true.  But some of the aggressive lending shops may grade on a curve.  IE if they have 10 credit requests in the house they may pick the top 3 to […]

Taxpayer's League

Law of untended outcomes strikes again! I think we are all aware that the Taxpayers League of Minnesota is one of the most despised organizations in this State, especially by progressive tax advocates. I find this interesting in that I know the story of how it came in to existence. About 20 years ago I […]

Bankers, How well do you know your customer?

Bankers How well do you really know your business customer? Do you know any of their management besides the CEO and CFO? Do you know who the #2 person in the business is? I know when I was in the lending business that I often thought the CFO was the #2 person in their organization; […]

Hello world!

Lenders and Business Owners, this site is for you! I hope you find something of value and hope that you add your comments where you see fit.  They may help someone some day!

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