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Subject: The blessings of your book…


I read your book last night and I am sincere when I say…Thank you!

Your mom’s favorite verse, Phil.4:13 struck a note with me. My ex-wife had given that verse…framed…to me as we approached what became the end of our relationship. She, like your mom  leaned not on her own understanding. I would, as you mentioned, have liked to meet her.

I had recently mentioned to some friends that happiness takes courage and the memories will last a lifetime. I see that clearly in your life, your family and your career.

I am glad our paths have crossed, I pray it is the beginning of a long and healthy friendship.

I would to go with you sometime to Tentmakers if possible. What a great impact you had on that young boy…this is what helps make our lives the abundant life He promises.

In my prayers…always,


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