Surely enjoyed reading your book, Rob! What a great thing to do, and that way you have memorialized for your adult children, grandchildren, and others, to boot, your values and your sojourn.

Very impressive.

I didn’t know you had an alcohol issue. That you overcame it is now

inspiring me to drink less. Then, I wasn’t aware you were certified.

Yes, a CPA professional designation is a giant step, and you capitalized on that. You were honest in that you needed to sit for it 2X.

I believe I know Pastor Don Sollie and his wife. Sue and I met with them, and shared a meal. In 2005, Sue and I went to Ecuador, on a mission trip. The Sollies lived there quite a while, as I remember, and were deeply involved for Jesus Christ in a living, active mission work project.

So you are a Luther grad. Your tale of undergrad, uh, deviations got a chuckle.

Rob, I do recall that you and I sat down together when you were involved with the Nehemiah project for Amundson. Maybe I had related to you that one of our daughters was a post-college Tentmaker. Also, we hosted a separate Tentmaker young man a few years later, here in Apple Valley. Come to think of it, I did share all that with you, as we saw one another in 2007 at the Tentmakers annual banquet fundraiser in the N. suburbs..

Your math and logic was interesting to read about. Those gifts came through to me back in the late 1970’s when you explained some audit software stuff to me and a few of us old-time credit examiners.

Within your chapters, I believe I could figure out who a few of the “players” were, but I trust you know I won’t even think of trying to confirm that through you. Those matters rest.

Again, you have done a service for the world, Rob, by writing a book.

Plus, thank you for personalizing it for me.

Most sincerely,


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