I think they do.  They both fear the “slippery slope” of government actions that would limit what they perceive as their freedoms and rights.  They don’t trust government and don’t want to give up any rights they perceive they have.

Some in Texas are trying to restrict abortion to pregnancies that are 20 weeks along.  That seems reasonable to many. Especially in light of the brutal killing of babies by Kermit Gosnell revelation.  But even in the womb, the babies are pretty far along in their lives so why wouldn’t restricting abortions on them be reasonable?  I think the pro-abortionist folks fear it is a step to making all abortions illegal and they believe they have the right to abortion.

Some want to enact more gun control laws including eliminating assault weapons like the AK47.  Seems reasonable as there should be no need for a military style rifle to be owned by private people.  Gun control folks do not see them as “boy toys” as many gun owners do, nor do they see any need for them as a defense tool.  In fact, many don’t see any need for guns at all!  So the gun activists fight any law dealing with guns because they don’t trust government and it’s “slippery slope”.

I think if we throw all the arguments out on both sides on both of these issues, the one that will remain is lack of trust in government.  Regardless how anyone feels on any of these issues I think you will agree!

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