In my book I have written a lot about being other’s centered and service oriented in all one does in life.  Especially in business where I thought it was just a reminder that we serve our customers and listen to them. 

I had begun thinking this was common sense, but when I sent out a mass mailer to 501 people the other day announcing my book launch I was very surprised!

When you do a mass mailer you include an “unsubscribe” button so that anyone who doesn’t want to get stuff from the sender can ask to have their name removed from the list.  I have gotten a few unsuscribes from my mailers and can understand why most of those folks unsubscribed; they are busy, don’t want a bunch of emails, or in some cases, don’t like me any more for some reason.  (Only a couple that don’t like me, I think that is a good average!)

But I was blown away this time because I got only one unsuscribe so far from my large mailing; it was from my print vendor’s sales person!  I never thought a sales person would unsubscribe from a customer’s correspondence, for any reason.  Especially since the person had just sold me some printing!

So I guess the stuff I wrote about isn’t common sense after all!

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