Dream Job or Dream Life?

I know many people who are searching for their “dream job” and I can understand that. I also know many who are searching for a job in their field, I understand that too. But, are they missing the ultimate goal of a “dream life” I define a dream life as having inner peace, a purpose and making enough money to support one’s self. I believe that survival is our first economic goal, and that after survival comes giving to others and living a better life. That relates to a purpose to serve others, or in work, to sell our service to others. It seems to me that our first goal should be to survive, then save so one can do anything one wants. Including that “dream job” that may require some re-inventing of yourself. I have a friend who was considering a “dream job” but decided to take a good job that would pay the bills and allow him to continue living a dream life, with time for family and hobbies that contributes to his inner peace.

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  1. Paul Wilson, Jr.

    A “dream job” can turn into a nightmare if a person is not living their whole life on purpose. What truly is a dream job is one that allows you to work in the area of your purpose, passions, and professional skills all at once. There are many people today who make a lot of money but are still dissatisfied because they are not working in the area of their purpose or passions. If money is the key driver in your job search, even if you get the money you could lose out on peace, joy, and an overall high quality of life. Don’t just settle for money when a wealthy life can be achieved living on purpose.

    Paul Wilson, Jr.
    Life Catalyst, Business Coach, and Author of “Dream B.I.G. in3D: How to Pursue a Bold, Innovative, God-Inspired Life!”

  2. Owen Johnson


    You pretty effectively nailed my idea of a dream life. The dream life I’m working toward and planning right now, in fact. I don’t need to be rich and don’t care to be rich, just have enough to enjoy life and do the work I’m intended to do, whether I make any money doing it or not.

    Paul is absolutely right about passion and purpose driving us, too. Happiness is when the work we do is congruent with our passions.


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