Each night we let folks into our homes to tell us what is happening around the world. At times, I have wished I had become a newscaster as it seems like a great job and the people doing it emit a sense of joy to us.
Roxane Battle had the same wish, and made it come true. But like everyone else, she has a story; and it’s like the old song, laughing on the outside, crying on the inside!
She was one who did everything right: got an education, set goals and was accomplishing them as a tv newscaster. But her life was soon interrupted by the birth of a son and surprised with a divorce several months after the child was born. Now the career was fine, but the personal side was hurting. There was a story behind that smiley face on the news that was kept under wraps for  several years.
The book “Pockets of Joy” is her memoir of how she changed from being a goal oriented, career driven woman into a single mom trying to balance a career with raising a son and finding happiness in life in ways other than career enrichment. Her goal of becoming a news anchor was becoming a reality, but her priorities were now providing for her son and finding balance in her life.
She discovered the joys and struggles of being responsible for someone else, rather than just focusing on her goals and career. She learned to find joy in the little things in life, and those “pockets of joy” were now what kept her going!
She has accomplished much in her life that she writes about in her book. Her story of overcoming, something we can all learn from and enjoy reading.
Choosing to be happy is the best decision she made!


  1. Tom Severson

    Sounds like a great story for all of us..

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