1. Gina Burgess

    Excellent question! Would it help? In my experience, bullying stems from a severe lack of self-worth and the right kind of self-esteem… more from jealousy of what the person being bullied has or has done rather than from the feeling the bully is worthless.

    I don’t know if it would do any good because the bully rears up because the circumstances allow it, and the person bullied reacts in such a way that allows for more bullying.

    When I was bullied, it happened because I never realized I was being bullied, and because I felt I had no authority to stop it. I was wrong in both cases. The person who is bullied perpetuates the bullying in so many ways so the bully feels compelled to continue because it is so easy to bully.

    Isn’t that sad?

  2. Gina Burgess (@ginaNpicayune)

    This is a great reminder, Rob.

    I think the boys who bullied the bus monitor should get up and tell their school mates how they feel now after the fact, and why no one should bully.

    Those young boys, if this hadn’t happened, could have grown up to be like those Secret Service guys. What if events in the SS guys lives had brought to light how they were treating others and had put a stop to bullying much earlier? I know they would have had better lives, felt better about themselves and most likely would be better citizens.

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