What I want for my heirs is to survive and be happy in this world.  I think that is what every parent wants, or should want for their family.

To many it is common sense, get a job, save, manage your finances and trust in God.  But many if not most of us have problems along the way that we either create ourselves or others do that interrupt our inner peace.  That interruption can further our spiral down in seeking survival.

As many experience, most children do not like to get advice from their parents.  I am fortunate that my adult children will still listen to me at times, but prefer to go their own way as they should.  I also don’t think they learn it in school or church.  They hear all the pieces, but have difficulty connecting them like I did,

So, I just completed the unthinkable, I wrote a book to my family showing them how to be happy and survive, “Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity”.  I did it as a memoir of my life and career to make it more interesting and also to provide a legacy for my grandchildren some day.

I am selling this book to others in hopes that they may find it to be what they would like to tell their families too, in a simple, readable 80+ page book.  Short but packed mostly with things I have learned that have been around a long time plus some of my own experiences that may prove to be good examples of how these fundamentals work.

See my book page for more information.

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