6 responses to “TEN YEAR MEDALLION AT AA”

  1. WC & Kelli Schult

    We are so proud of you Rob! Thank you for leading by example!

  2. Brad Thompson

    Congratulations on this big win, Rob! I think I speak for many … it takes courage and humility to share a personal challenge like substance abuse. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  3. Randy Mortensen

    Well, as I’ve often said “AA saved my life because God had a plan that involved taking me to Las Vegas to get sober”. Only in Las Vegas can an over-achiever and entrepreneur attend 4 to 6 meetings per day – and some days it would have been easier to leave the office to go have a beer but there always seemed to be a meeting on the way to the bar. It wasn’t until about 18 months in to my sobriety that God brought a solid marketplace born-again Christ-follower in to my life. That’s when I clearly recognized what it meant to be set-free from the controlling behaviors. Every day is a miracle and every day we each have the opportunity to come alongside those who are battling with booze, drugs, porn, or other life controlling circumstances…letting them know that we once felt the same way, then we learned what it truly means to confess our shortcomings, and accept the love of Jesus in to our hearts through forgiveness, and only then are we able to share about how our lives are so different today. Kudos on your 10-year medallion…you’ve worked hard and deserve the Blessings that come with the freedom.

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