1. Pearl S. Moon

    I’ve been victimized at no fault of my own except trusting that others will do the right thing while we are doing the things we are supposed to. As we’ve seen people in power are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, greed swept through, and I don’t think we would see as many people protesting if the things done to our nation and economy hadn’t made such a tsunami effect. This culture too is not of being raised on farms in rural areas where “really” hard work was done by everyone. Cities have less opportunity and it costs a lot to move to suburbia, so sociological economic factors play a huge role in how people are reacting. We are the adults and we are supposed to be taking care of our children not robbing them. The people who pulled this bull have robbed their children, grandchildren, fathers, mothers, brothers, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and every 6 degree of separation you can map. I also look at it a humongous blender that they turned on for “the cream of the crop to rise to the top” = we’ll here I come ready or not 🙂 There is also the flip side that we were threatened by bad guys who have carried out their threat…

  2. Gina Burgess

    Good post, Rob. I like your correlation between the addictive nature and what these unhappy people are protesting about.

    It troubles me greatly that they want 99% to have what the 1% has, yet they don’t seem to want to work for it. That is entitlement mentality and harks far back into history during the Roman Empire days. The populace became addicted to the freebies given out to keep them “happy”, and all it did was make them more discontent.

  3. Pearl S. Moon

    Life happens, it is what you do with it that counts.

    There have been wrongs done to this nation at no one fault of it self and the people protesting are exercising their rights which actually takes a great deal of courage to stand up for what one believes.

    However, I think being a “victim” is a choice. Sometimes it is easier than standing up especially if you’re constantly being knocked down by bigger, smarter foes. It takes a great deal of resilience and strength to keep getting up, but we have decades of heroes who do just this and it is our charge to find ways to make ourselves more resilient.

    I choose not to be a victim, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been one, I choose to govern my life and that especially means taking responsibility for my actions and moving away from impediments. Asking for help doesn’t always happen, so being self reliant also plays a major factor in over coming our roadblocks, a survival skills that is not always taught, but learned.

    Look at politicians and the barrage of beatings they take from the press and society to do their jobs. I don’t like what they do, but it take guts to keep coming back for something they believe in.

    This is a survival of the fittest game for some of us, especially if you have any ambition at all. Maybe the “victim” lacks ambition and the drive to find their way out of what ever circumstance they find themselves in whether right, wrong or indifferent? Many people have faced abuse and have not been treated sufficiently to over come that obstacle of self-worthlessness and thus impinge on society for their care, yet we have many Vets not getting the care they deserve and have become victims of society. So who is the victim, society or the individual?

    I’m not for big brother, handouts or leaving a person behind, but we all suffer for not finding answers for those who are rightfully asking for help. Moral obligations.

  4. Gail Gardner

    If you truly understood the current economic conditions you would not consider those who seek to take back our country from the power the corrupt wealthy elite hold over it.

    Do you not realize there are NO JOBS for many people? Just because you or someone you know has one does NOT mean that there aren’t people with four year or even more advanced degrees for whom there are NO jobs.

    Just because in YOUR life you have been able to find work and make a living and keep a roof over your head does NOT mean that is true for a huge percentage of other Americans nor does it mean that it will continue to be true for you.

    I strongly encourage EVERYONE to find out more about why the economy is going to keep getting worse and reconsider what the protesters are bringing to the attention of the masses of people who are too busy being entertained or running in the rat race to notice that they are all running toward a cliff.

    You can start by going to the post I have linked to this comment. These people who are protesting do not lack ambition and are not lazy or unwilling to work. They are simply seeing the situation this country is in far more clearly than you and the people who are not yet as severely impacted BUT WILL BE.

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