Client/Colleague Comments

“Like every business, we’ve had our share of recession-based problems. They are all behind us and one of the reasons is Rob Severson. The money we paid was well spent; he saved a ton more than he cost.”
Rudy Boschwitz, Chairman, Home Valu

“I can depend on [Rob]. He knows what he is doing and he gets the job done.”
Percy Greenberg, President, Copper Sales, Inc.

“[Rob] knows what he is doing and brings a perspective that we don’t always have. [His] contributions have been extremely valuable to the success of our business.”
Wally Stommes, President, StoneL Corp.

“Rob knows how to get businesses financed with the right lenders that will support the client in the best way. He tells it like it is, and helps his clients present it well. We are very good friends, and I know he has many other friends in the finance arena too that know how well he understands the financing business. They know that when he calls and says he has a deal, it should be something that they can get done.”
Jay Peterson, Lender

“I met Rob Severson in 1979 when he was an American Institute of Banking instructor in addition to his leadership responsibilities at his bank, now known as Wells Fargo. I found his teaching style and ability to communicate clearly to be very valuable when attending this class. Corporately, I have had occasion to interact with Mr. Severson on numerous issues and continue to find his approach to be thoughtful, reasonable and always fair. Personally, I have had occasion to discuss issues of character with Mr. Severson where he has stressed the importance of his core beliefs, specifically, issues of integrity, honesty and a personal commitment to his faith.”
Rick Seaton, VP/Business Banking Manager, First Minnesota Bank

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