Most of the problems I get involved with have something to do with financing and banking.  My clients may be seeking new financing, seeking to replace financing, or trying to negotiate with a banker who wants out of their deal.   I have worked with 1,000’s of businesses that are having difficulty accomplishing their financing goals. 

I have been very successful in finding solutions to these problems because I know how to put a loan together, know where to go to get it done, and have creative solutions for the most difficult situations that I often see.

I call myself Financing Coach. My specialty is in creating a game plan and then coaching the business owner on how to make a presentation which will effectively sell their request.

The resulting partnership is a successful—and usually long-term—connection between my clients’ particular financing needs and the interests of the one doing the financing.

My mission is to share what I have had the privilege to learn through 38 years of experience in business, lending, banking, financing, negotiating, relationship-building and much more.

I have also worked with several businesses on a long-term basis assisting them in strategic planning, financial troubleshooting, mergers and divestitures and providing a “street-smart” CFO for them when they need it.  Most small businesses cannot afford and do not need a guy like me around full time; but when they need one they value having me on call and ready to help with the situation.

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