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  1. Joseph Fronius

    Hi Rob,
    I have so many other things going this AM that I was going to skip your article until I had more time. But I then thought I would quickly scan it and: was hooked, very well thought out article. I, as you, have been trying to understand and search for the reasonable points of the liberal agenda.

    There have been times they have started to infiltrate my thinking with their stated goals of “less greed” “less poverty” “less uninsured” “less corruption” ect. ect. Who can reasonably object to those humanitarian principles? But their mantra of “it’s just for the children, the elderly, and the downtrodden” is sickening disingenuous. Their: How Compassionate, How Generous, How Honest, How Spiritual, we are and How Uncaring, How Racist, How Greedy, How Closed Minded, you are to disagree with our wonderfulness is ready to make my head explode. I do not say this in judgment of them, only in observation of their agenda and consequences of their self serving motives.

    Our country grew in just 200 years to the greatest nation on earth; the greatest in power, wealth, freedom and compassion. It was conceived under Christian principles, explosive capitalism, individual responsibility, and freedom for all to pursue prosperity and happiness, so that, thus empowered, we were enabled to help our families, our neighbors, needing a helping hand to experience the same joy of participation. The system worked and worked well unlike the bloated, inefficient, ineffective, big government bureaucracies our founding fathers had suffered under and rejected.
    Why would we go back to the tyranny and failure of big government control? Government has minimized its main purpose of protecting us to stuffing their invasive tentacles in all aspects of our lives while declaring war on our Christian foundation.
    We are paying the consequences. We and our kids have been taught we are just an accident of nature, evolved from mutations of a primordially soupy swamp creature that somehow came from who knows where. Talk about being educated to imbecility. No wonder we have the high suicide rate we do, no wonder so many of us are turning to drugs and alcohol, no wonder we are murdering millions of innocent babies as a reasonable choice, no wonder the notion of absolute truth is touted as absurd, no wonder we are asked to accept deviant life styles as a rational choice, no wonder pornography has flooded our homes even Christian homes, no wonder divorce is accepted as the easiest way to solve marriage problems even Chrisian marriges, no wonder believers in the most reasonable explanation of reality are shunned as believers in fairy tales, no wonder we are being programmed with propaganda to look to government not, God, to give us meaning and security.

    Let’s look at the government’s report card since they have kicked out God out and depended on their brilliance.
    They have bankrupted the Postal Service, bankrupted Social Security, bankrupted Medicare, bankrupted Medicaid, bankrupted Freddy Mac, bankrupted Fannie Mae, bankrupted the Department of Welfare, bankrupted the Department of Education, bankrupted nearly every aspect of our government, paralyzed the economic engine of our country, and now the United States of America is so far in debt it’s impossible to comprehend let alone pay for. And now we are depending on those same folks to run another sixth of our economy by providing sufficient, affordable, and effective healthcare?

    Our invasive political nanny state government has falsely identified many victim groups to take care of under the lie “you are innocent victims and need our help’. Those victim groups are indeed innocent victims but not from our system of individually responsibility and joy of participation but from the very people that are claiming to help them. Those so called victim groups are being exploited by some of our power hungry, self serving, political leaders, just to buy their vote with other people’s money. The question they want us to ask is: what is good for me? not: what is good for our country? All those victims are being robbed of the joy of participation under lie they need government for all their needs. The socialists in our government don’t want us to be educated by history. So they just change it or call it old fashion and outdated, not relative to today’s society. All socialistic, secular, spread the wealth, keep me in power, governments eventually will and have spread poverty and dependency, not peace and prosperity.
    Now the socialists are quoting Scripture as justification for their big government agenda. Good luck with that. Pray for them, they are on slippery footing. Even a quick overview of the word of God states: work out your own salvation, if you don’t work you won’t eat, the poor will always be with us, give what you have to the poor not give to the government to give to the poor, the good Samaritan did not call the government officials to take care of the beaten traveler, he personally helped.
    We all have a responsibility to help the downtrodden and the helpless among us but not to make dependant vegetables out of them. I realize families helping families, neighbors helping neighbors, church congregations helping the helpless cannot under our present stifling tax system fill all the needs. And I am also not naive enough to expect the government will suddenly see the light and allow the private sector to handle the needs of the helpless. All I would hope is the politicians would provide incentives to appeal to the selfish nature in all of us to migrate toward the joy of participation rather than exploiting that selfishness for propose of maintaining their power. Everyone can enjoy their contribution of work no matter how small their physical limitations might curtail. At the end of each day of work when God created the universe, he saw “that it was good”. He was happy with his work and found pleasure with His work. We are all made in the image of God and, as such, know the joy we feel when we complete a job well done. Dependency on government destroys that joy of work and stifles our potential as individuals and as a nation.
    Please tell me where my thinking is wandering away from truth. I do not want to be a “closed minded” Christian. I am enjoying the process of renewing my mind.
    Happy Day,

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