5 responses to “And churches wonder why their member giving is low”

  1. Whitman

    There is actually a good deal of research, much of it by Arthur C. Brooks of Syracuse University, that demonstrates that people who tend to believe in individual responsibility (and hence that oppose expanding the welfare state) give more as a proportion of income than those who do not. Red States are more generous than Blue States, Evangelicals and conservative Christians more generous than non-religious people, Americans more generous than Europeans (where there is a fully developed welfare state). So the hypothetical you raise in your post, although perhaps you have taken it to the extreme, is supported by the empirical evidence.

  2. Eric Strelow

    Churches need to focus on preaching the Word and fostering an atmosphere of faith. In my opinion, church giving is down because people don’t believe in God as their source. They are not willing to “let God be God”. If the Word of God was first place in their life, they would be led by the Holy Spirit in matters of giving (and others). I am going avoid the topic of tithing right now in the essence of brevity. But needless to say, make God’s word first to build your faith(faith comes by hearing, hearing the word of God – Rom 10:17) and as your faith grows your spiritual sensitivity will grow to hear and be led.

    Secondly, it is a pastors calling not to do the ministry, but to EQUIP THE PEOPLE to do the ministry. In the small Lutheran church I grew up in, the Sunday bulletin (each week) had printed in it had the names of the Pastors, and then next to the word “Ministers” it read “ever member of Christus Lutheran Church”.

  3. Steve

    Thanks for posting Eric. I agree with you and fear we are making government our higher power, not God

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