1. tom

    You are a liberal right winger compared to some i know, but not what i woudl call a Centrist as they would vote for either party. Not that won wouldn’t vote for a Democrat if they had a good program, but seldom do they have a program that doesn’t include entitlements, which since you have worked for everything you have Entitlements are wrong to you.

  2. Elena

    I generally oecjbt to the terms “extremist” and “moderate.” Moderation in pursuit of justice is indeed no virtue. Extremism in defense of liberty is an oxymoron. There are complete nut cases, like Glenn Beck, and cynical manipulators, like Rush Limbaugh, but they aren’t “extreme” Republicans or conservatives, they are lunatics or snake oil salesmen.I also oecjbt to calling Rwandan Hutus who declined to participate in genocide “moderates.” This would imply that genocide is acceptable, in moderation. To call genocidaires “extremists” is to suggest that there are “extreme Hutus” and “less extreme Hutus.” There is no such thing. Or is the critique, too much genocide is over-doing it?

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