5 responses to “NEWT IS A SINNER!!”

  1. rob

    Go forth and sin no more!

  2. Gina Burgess

    You know, no one has the authority to judge another’s sin because we are judged by the same measure. However, we are to hold each other accountable, and we are to take responsibility for our own sin. As far as I’ve been able to ascertain, Newt hasn’t truly accepted responsibility for his sin. He calls it “mistake”, and he says “I need to ask God’s forgiveness.” But, that says to me he hasn’t asked for forgiveness yet. Why not? I ask innocently.

  3. Joseph Fronius

    Great article Rob,
    Let him who has no sin cast the first stone comes to mind.

  4. Shari England

    Great article Rob. I have wrestled with “on what do we truly rest our vote”? Character, charisma, or cleverness, clout? Truly, if we are looking for a sinless man (or woman), look no farther than Christ. Otherwise, that person does not exist. While it is true that we (as believers), are called to hold one another accountable,(I’m not sure how its done in the Catholic church) if an individual claims to have sought forgiveness from God, who are we to cast doubt on what is between he and God.

    At one time, I held the attitude that if I were in need of heart surgery, and my choice was between a well-known atheist surgeon with a high success rate, but also a known adulterer, verses a surgeon of utmost character, but still wet behind the ears, I would probably choose the former. It would be ideal to have a strong Christian candidate, with the perfect family, strong ethical, political, and financial background, who never drank or experimented with drugs–but if that person exists, he’s yet to run for office. Well, Huckabee came close! 🙂

    I’m like you Rob. Have not made a decision yet. Thank you for this article. Good job!

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